Rock N Roll Machine - The Donnas (America)

Label:Lookout Records
Highlights:Rock N Roll Machine
You Make Me Hot
Gimmie My Radio
Outta My Mind

Why aren't there more rock and roll girls? The Donnas are four Californian teenage girls who obviously worship the Runaways, the Ramones and Kiss. However, the Donnas are more than mere imitations. Any potential shortcomings in originality are more than made up for with their infectious enthusiasm and youthful confidence, which will quickly bring a smile to your face. Their second album, Rock N Roll Machine, contains 10 punk-pop classics that could easily form the soundtrack to an end of school party. As expected, the songs themselves deal with your average teenage issues such as partying ("It's a saturday night/ And I'm looking for some party action" from Rock N Roll Machine) and especially sex ( "Are you ready to party with me/Are you ready to give me some sex/I've been waiting all night long/So come and stick it in" from Outta My Mind). Thankfully the Donnas manage to deal with these issues without sounding like some teen novelty act. Perhaps even more importantly they capture the spirit of being young.

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